Cross Pointe Life Groups

Life Groups are the heart of Cross Pointe’s small group ministry. They are about connecting like-minded people who want to grow in God and enjoy one another.


Life Groups are based on people’s personalities and interests, so everyone is free to choose one that works best for them. They meet regularly in homes, coffee shops, parks, lakes and just about anywhere and anytime they choose.


Please note: Our spring 2016 Life Groups are listed here and now open to join!

How to Join a Life Group:

1. Browse through groups below (click on one to get more details), and find one or more groups you’d like to join!

2. Click the “Sign Up Now” button at the bottom of this page.

3. Log into Church Community Builder using your account, or click “Sign Up” if you don’t yet have one.

4. Once logged in, type the group’s name in the search box and select it from the dropdown menu that appears.

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Winter/Spring 2017 Life Groups

Study Groups

Ladies’ Wed. Morning Bible Study

Leaders:  JoElla Gerlt (479-409-9585) & Verna Ikehara (479-387-2784)

Meets: Every Wednesday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 at the church Foundry

Description: This group of ladies enjoys snacks together and plenty of time for relationship building before their study of I Peter. Jenn Wilkins’ teaching by video is encouraging and uplifting as well as the discussion and prayer time afterwards. Childcare provided.

Ladies' Wed. Night Study (Siloam)

Leaders: Jenni Payne (479-228-0405)

Meets:  Every other Wednesday night at a home in Siloam Springs; 5:30-7:30pm

Description:  Enjoy a great time of fellowship with other ladies of all ages over dinner and a study of “It’s Good to be Queen”, by Liz Curtis Higgs.  Journey across the desert with the remarkable queen of Sheba. Her quest for wisdom will surprise you, challenge you, inspire you, change you.

Ladies’ Wed. Night Study (S'dale)

Leader: Krista Lynch (479-419-5963)

Meets: Every other Wednesday night at a home in the Springdale area; 6:00-8:00 pm

Description:  Gather with other women who are married, single, divorced, and from all walks of life and all ages for a great time in the Word!  This group will also bond over snacks, prayer, and relationship building.  The ladies will decide, at their first meeting, what to study this year. Childcare is provided at the church for kids of all ages.

Christian Businessmen’s Lunch

Leader: Larry Petton (479-200-1027)

Meets: The 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at Western Sizzlin’ in Springdale; noon to 1:00pm

Description: Pastor Larry leads this exciting lunch for men in a room reserved just for the group.  Lunch is available at the buffet and the meetings will be highlighted by hearing the testimonies of men from our church and community.  What a great place for men of God to eat, meet, and grow spiritually!

Newly Married Couples

Leaders:  Garris (479-549-8345) and Serena (479-228-0145) Hudson

Meets:  Every other Tuesday night; 6:30-8:30 pm, at the Hudson home in Springdale

Description:  Connect with other young couples who are learning to navigate married life together. This group will develop relationships while watching and discussing teaching videos on marriage and other types of studies.  There will also be fun group dates and other activities outside of the regular get-togethers.

Young Couples

Leaders: Ansen and Dri Bayer (479-238-4232)

Meets: 2nd and 4th Tuesday night of each month from 6:30-8:30pm at a home in Tontitown (childcare provided at the church)

Description: This group provides a small group fellowship experience for young couples with children who aren’t yet school age as well as elementary children, and couples without children. We meet at a home in Tontitown, eat dinner together, and have a time of study and discussion. Childcare is provided at the church.

Home Builders

Leaders:  Pete & Roxy Stevens (479-530-4812) & Mark & Doreen Lawson (479-601-6671)

Meets: Every other Wednesday night at a home in Tontitown; 6:00-8:00 pm (childcare is provided for kids of all ages at the church)

Description:  This group is for couples with elementary or teenage children. The group begins their evening with supper together, watches Pastor and author J.D. Greear, on video, as he walks them through the powerful words of Paul, and has a great discussion. They are digging into Ephesians verse-by-verse as they are challenged to live out the gospel.  This group also enjoys lots of other fun activities in addition to meeting on Wednesday nights.

Forgotten God

Leaders:  Randy & Vonita Luster (870-307-2828) & Guy & Brenda Bunch (479-200-6517)

Meets: Every other Wednesday night at the Bunch home in Elm Springs.

Description: This group is for adults of all ages. After dinner together, the group watches Pastor Francis Chan on video as he offers a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives.  This is followed by discussion, prayer and lots of relationship building.

Drill Team II

Leaders:  Bud and Sue Wood (479-871-0230)

Meets:  Every other Wednesday night at a variety of homes; 6:00-8:00 pm (childcare is provided for kids of all ages at the church)

Description:  This group is for adults of all ages. The Drill Team group views and discusses “The American Heritage” DVD series by historian, David Barton.  They are learning more about America’s unique religious and moral roots and exploring the Bible’s influence on American culture from government to education.  There’s also a great time of relationship building and “catching up” over dinner each week.


Leaders: Chuck and Judy Wheaton (903-647-6647)

Meets:  Every other Wednesday night at a home in Springdale; 6:00-8:00 pm (childcare is provided for kids of all ages at the church)

Description: This group is for adults of all ages, and will study Matt Chandler’s video series on the book of Philippians as he walks you through this most intimate of all Paul’s letters and paints a beautiful picture of what is to be a mature Christian.  Paul introduces Lydia, the Business Executive, The Little Slave Girl, and The Hard Working Jailer and shows how their lives portray dysfunction and emptiness, but are totally transformed by the Gospel.  The evening includes dinner together, Bible Study and prayer.

The War Room (FULL)

Leader: Larry and Rosanne Petton (479-238-3145)

Meets:  Every other Wednesday night at the Petton home in Elm Springs; 6:00-8:00pm

Description: This group is for adults of all ages, and studies prayer and spiritual warfare using video clips from the movie, “War Room,” and studies the book, “Battle Plan.”  The group also has great fellowship meals together and spends quality time in prayer

Men's Journey Group

Leader: Gary Kirby, Mark Lawson, and Shannon Harrop

Meets:  Friday mornings, 6:00am-7:15am at the church (starts January 6th)

Description: This 9-month group encourages men to grow in their faith and learn to walk closely with Christ through spending time with Him each day. The group will read 5 books together and learn to journal what God is doing in their lives.

Interest Groups

Smart Money, Smart Kids

Leaders:  Eric Godfrey (479-790-1164)

Meets:  Every other Wednesday at the church from 6pm-8pm.

Description:  New Life Group starting February 1st! In six practical, video-based lessons, Rachel and Dave Ramsey give parents a step-by-step approach to teaching kids about working, spending, saving, giving, debt, and contentment. Parents will learn how to help their kids make wise money choices and build character qualities so they will win not only with money, but also in life. The cost for materials is $59 per couple or single parent.

Ladies’ Book Club

Leader:  Bonnie Sisemore (479-361-2281)

Meets: 4th Thursday evening of each month in Tontitown

Description: Experience the joy of reading with others who enjoy both Christian and secular novels and biographies. Book Club meets for a fun dinner and a lively discussion of the book of the month.

Sewing Life Group

Leader:  Leader:  Angela Hughes (479-366-6850)

Meets: One Saturday Morning Per Month

Description: Make a difference in the lives of parents in grief and build relationships with other ladies in our church one Sat. morning a month.  This group spends the morning turning donated wedding dresses into free beautiful burial gowns for infants who pass away during their hospital stay.  Can’t sew?  That’s OK.  You can tear seams, trace patterns, and cut.

Ballroom Dancing

Leaders: Jerry Kendrick (479-799-9392)

Meets: Twice a month on Friday nights; at the church; 6:30pm

Description: Build relationships while learning a new skill and getting exercise. The evening includes 90 minutes of instruction and practice dancing. Snacks are served. The dances to be taught include Rumba, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Salsa, line dancing, and others. It’s open to singles and couples, is free, and new members are welcome any time.

Empty Nester’s Fun Group

Leaders: Larry and Rosanne Petton (479-238-3145)

Meets: 3rd Saturday evening of each month

Description: (This group is limited to 30 people.) Have fun and build relationships with other empty nesters through a variety of fun activities. Includes game nights, dinners at restaurants, ministry projects, plays, thematic parties, and spontaneous activities.

Healthy Cooking (FULL)

Leader: Rosanne Petton (479-238-3145)

Meets: One Thursday night each month, at a home in Elm Springs

Description: (This group is limited to 15 people.) Learn how to plan and cook meals that will nourish your family with fresh, simple ingredients including meat, vegetables, and fruit. Get creative with taking not-so-healthy recipes and making them healthier.  This group will be very hands-on as the participants cook and enjoy dinner together while building relationships.


Leaders: Larry and Rosanne Petton (479-238-3145)

Meets: First Friday night each month, various homes

Description: Do you enjoy playing any version of dominoes? Join this group of domino enthusiasts that meets once a month. Enjoy dinner together before the games begin.

College Groups

Siloam College Life Group

Leader: Dri Bayer (479-238-4232)

Meets: At the home of Dri & Ansen Bayer in Siloam; Every Thursday at 9:00 pm

Description: This group is open to all college students and college age young adults and will involve studies based on the student’s interest. Snacks will be provided.

Springdale College Life Group

Leaders: Bill and Traci Wills (479-879-7279)

Meets: At the Wills home in Elm Springs; Every Monday at 7:00pm

Description: This group is open to all college students and college age young adults and will involve studies based on the student’s interest.  Supper will be provided.

Ministry Groups

Monday Night Prayer Group

Leaders:  Gary Jordan (479-220-0585) and Raelene Hudson (479-549-8143)

Meets: Every Monday night, 7:00-8:00 at the church

Description: Be a part of the real power behind what God is doing at Cross Pointe and around the world. This group is open to both men and women and spends one hour each week in prayer and spiritual warfare for our families, church, nation, and world.

Women’s Leadership Team

Leader: Rosanne Petton (479-238-3145)

Meets: Occasionally

Description: Join other women who want to be involved in planning special events for the ladies of Cross Pointe. This group meets periodically to plan an annual retreat, a Christmas event, and other fun relationship-building activities for the ladies.

George Elementary Team

Leader:  Jerry Kendrick (479-879-1528)

Meets: Occasionally

Description: This group oversees our partnership with George Elementary School in Springdale. Meeting several times each year, they help with planning and communication between the school and our church so we can minister effectively to the teachers and students.

Nursing Home

Leader: James Childress (479-283-4498)

Meets: One Sunday Morning per month at Maples Nursing Home (Har-Ber Meadows)

Description: Join a team of people who minister to these senior adults by being a part of a worship service planned especially for them. Build relationships and brighten their day by helping with the teaching, music, or just being a friend.

Church Security Team

Leader:  Rosanne Petton (479-238-3145)

Meets: Occasional meetings and Sunday morning and Wed. night rotations

Description: Helping to provide the safest possible environment for our church family, this team establishes policies and procedures for security and is available on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights on a rotating basis to patrol the church campus.

Medical Emergency Team

Leader:  Rosanne Petton (479-238-3145)

Description:  If you have training and experience as a doctor, nurse, or EMT you can be of assistance to those in our church in the case of a medical emergency on Sunday mornings.   This group doesn’t have regular meetings but members are called upon as needed.

Helping Hands

Leaders: Dave Creek (479-841-9415) and Kevin Gerlt (479-790-2533)

Meets: As needed

Description: Do you like to help others in a time of need? Do you enjoy assisting in crisis situations? This is the group for you! No particular skills are needed as this group will be “on call” when those in the church family and community are in need of small construction projects, help with yard work, and other tasks. Join this group and you’ll be called on when needed to work with others who have a similar passion as yourself.

Missions Team

Leaders:  Faith Berry (479-685-3349)

Meets: Once a month

Description: Do you have a passion for missions, both at home and oversees?  Be a part of this group that studies what God is doing through missions and how our church can reach out to the world by supporting missionaries and planning mission trips.

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