Life-Change Stories

How Cross Pointe has Impacted Lives

LivesImpacted“I grew up in church but this is the first time I have ever enjoyed church and felt a sense of ownership in a ministry.  As a naturally quiet, shy person I had felt nearly invisible in previous ministries.  My family became a part of Cross Pointe before we even had a building and I immediately built strong relationships within the youth group.


I also began getting involved in worship at the Warehouse.  I love music and loved getting to use my gifts for God.  For years I also volunteered in the Early Childhood ministry on Sunday mornings and that was another great way to feel involved and to meet a lot of the church families.


One summer I was a leader at Kid’s Cruise and there I developed a little camp crush on the handsome, funny camp counselor who was so great with kids.  We started dating less than two months later and less than four years later Pastor Larry was officiating our wedding on the steps of Old Main!


Now we have the most incredible almost-two-year-old little girl and I’m so glad that we have a wonderful group of children for her to play, learn and grow with.  I’m so thankful for a community of Christian families that I respect and trust to influence and even care for my child.


We’ve been volunteers in the Children and Youth Ministries, gone on a mission trip, enjoyed countless Life Groups, date nights, fun events, and even an awesome cruise with the amazing people who make up this church.  Most of the people we choose to spend our time with are in the Cross Pointe Family.


This truly is a church built on relationships.  Cross Pointe is very dear to me.  God has shown Himself to me through this church in a very tangible way and I feel very blessed to have been a part of this body of Christ for the past 10 years.  Here’s to many, many more!”

Following our Mission


“I have been a Life Group leader and have grown spiritually as a result.  I love the accountability being in a Life Group creates along with the relationships that are developed.  I truly believe Cross Pointe has succeeded in building relationships with God (as we grow deeper in His Word), with Family (as our families become closer by allowing spiritual truth to guide us),with Friends (as we become closer with our brothers and sisters in Christ), and with Our World (as we support missions both here and abroad).”

Feeling at Home


“I came to Cross Pointe as a new college student in early October of 2014.  It has been a place for me to connect with believers and discover how to live out my faith on my own by serving our kids at the Faith Factory and participating in worship with people of all ages.  Cross Pointe gave me a place on Sundays to set aside my distractions from a busy week and I felt at home right away.  I loved how genuine everyone was from the moment I walked in the doors to the amazing worship encounters.  I love how I’m challenged in my faith by the sermons to dig into the Word and figure out the truths that are really being taught.”

Getting an Education


“I consider the theological lessons of Cross Pointe the most important education in my life.  I have attended church off and on most of my life.  But, only in the last year have I learned God’s true purpose for my life.  As a recovering addict and a sinner Cross Pointe has shown me the love of Jesus.”

Looking Forward to Church


“For the first time in our lives, we look forward to coming to church.  We feel that our relationship with our Lord is deeper and more purposeful.  We feel that we are part of the tapestry of the church and not just attendees.  We are able to speak from the heart when people ask us about our church which has prompted several to come and check it out with us.”

LivesImpacted2Feeling Welcome


“When we visited Cross Pointe for the first time we were welcomed at the front door and several other times before we made it to our seats.  We felt the presence of God immediately through worship in music and again in Pastor Larry’s teaching in the Bible.  Cross Pointe is our home and we cherish the people we have gotten to know and look forward to forming more relationships with people as we worship with our Church Family.”



Going Deeper


“Cross Pointe has allowed me to step out of my spiritual “box” and allow the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself in ways that He desires.  Having a pastor who challenges us to go deeper has made such a difference in my life.  I am so thankful that Pastor Larry listens to and follows the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  We also have an incredible staff that has helped make Cross Pointe become a place that allows us to grow and become who God desires us to be.”



A Different Place


“The very first time we visited Cross Pointe, we knew it was different.  The people were genuine, sincere, caring, and truly loved one another.  As we became more involved and ingrained into the church that fact just became more and more evident.  There’s never a better-than-you attitude shown at Cross Pointe.”

Feeling Safe


“Within the walls of this church I feel safe.  Like the walls are hugging me.  When I first came to Cross Pointe my life was a mess, financially and family.  It was bad.  But over time I learned how to manage the trials of life through the loving walls and loving people of this church.”

Feeling Welcome


“When I first started coming to Cross Pointe I was in High School and I was very lost and alone, with no friends.  I was constantly mad and getting into trouble with my parents.  The community here at Cross Pointe is what changed my life.  Everyone is so kind, not judging, and the church always feels so welcome.  I always know I have somewhere to go if I need something or someone.”

Asking Questions


“Pastor Larry challenges us to wake up, be curious, and ask questions so we can assess our lives that we may be better.”

Renewed Faith


“This church has renewed my faith that God really can use men and women to reach the lost!  The pastors here are sincere and honestly care about people as individuals.”