Building Relationships with God, Family Friends, and our World.

What’s Happening at Cross Pointe

Movin’ Up Day

On August 13th, 1st graders will move up to The Faith Factory, 4th graders to The Foundry, and 6th graders to The Warehouse.

Lives Being Changed

Click here to watch a video about how lives are being changed at Cross Pointe!!

 Life Groups are the heart of Cross Pointe. They are about connecting like-minded people who want to grow in God and enjoy one another. Life Groups are based on people’s personalities and interests, so everyone is free to choose one that works best for them. They meet regularly in homes, coffee shops, parks, lakes and just about anywhere and anytime they choose.

More Cross Pointe Ministries


Children’s Ministry

Our Early Childhood Ministry serves children from birth through Kindergarten in classrooms (and a giant indoor playground!) in The Fun Zone, while our Elementary Ministry serves children in 1st-3rd grades in the Faith Factory and 4th-5th grades in the Foundry!


Student Ministry

At CPSM, we believe students make a huge difference in the lives of others. We’re focused on building relationships, growing spiritually, developing the habits of a growing Christian, having fun in a way that honors God, and most of all… leading others to Christ.


College Ministry

Cross Pointe’s College Ministry exists to build relationships with students by loving mentoring, and equipping them to become a part of the body of Christ. We encourage you to get involved not just with other students, but with the whole church.

You’re Invited to Join Us This Sunday!

Join with us in worship for one of our two Sunday morning services, held at 9:00am and 10:45am in Tontitown!

Recent Sermons

We record every sermon at Cross Pointe and upload it for free to our website! Whether you missed a Sunday or just want to take a second listen, we encourage you to look through our database below!

Pastor Larry continues in his current teaching series Today as we learn more about the Feast of Firstfruits and how to put God rst in our lives....

Today our student pastor Garris Hudson is filling in for Pastor Larry. Garris continues with our study of the 7 Feasts as we learn more about the Feast of Unleavened Bread....